Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Best of YouTube 2013

For the sake of tradition, let's start this post by checking how the Yogscast (Lewis & Simon) is doing... Evidently, they dropped from their rank 14 to 32nd, even though they gained 3.6 million subscribers over the year and are now at 6.7 million total.

I finally unsubscribed from the channel, though, as well as few others. As a result, I don't get that many videos to watch regularly anymore. Regardless, a fair handful still made it to my favorites during 2013.

Conan O'Brien's "review" of Tomb Raider was quite funny.

Also rather entertaining was the hilight reel of the TGS/Co-Optional Podcast episodes. It includes the Jesse's Maid incident I favorited last year.

I liked few music acts as well. Of Eric's many covers, I think his Jurassic Park one was the most to my liking.

The epic rap guy, Dan Bull got some nasty going on in his ears, hindering his ability to continue doing his thing. It hasn't exactly stopped him, though. His Bioshock Infinite rap was pretty cool.

Finally, the title of the best YouTube video of 2013 I give to this Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones for the sole merit of making me laugh out loud. Not a completely effortless video either. Totally deserves the views it has got.

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