Saturday, July 16, 2011

American McGee's Alice

Who the hell is American Mcgee? And is there maybe a British McGee somewhere or something? This I asked myself before reading the Wikipedia article of American McGee's Alice. Evidently, American is actually the guy's first name. Huh.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Wheel of Time: The Path of Daggers

The Path of Daggers, the eighth book of The Wheel of Time, has easily the best cover so far. It depicts Rand, wearing the Crown of Swords, riding in front of an army, the banners of the ancient Aes Sedai Symbol and the Dragon behind him. Although, I must say the horses seem rather small if you compare their sizes to the men riding them...

The Wheel of Time: A Crown of Swords

The seventh book of The Wheel of Time series gets its name from the Laurel Crown, A Crown of Swords, worn by the king of Illian. It really isn't a fitting name as the whole thing isn't even mentioned until the last chapter. And neither do the previous chapters really tell much about his attempt for the crown.