Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Medal of Honor

I guess Medal of Honor (2010) is one of those brown-palette first person shooters with a linear and heavily scripted single-player campaign I have heard people talking about. I think the four-hour campaign was reasonable entertainment, though, but I definitely wouldn't buy the game solely for that, not at full price.

In my opinion, the single-player could be better with relatively small effort. Immersion would greatly improve if you played only as one person. And if the combat took a slightly more realistic approach, like no infinite ammunition, MoH could actually be a good game.

You certainly get thrown into many different types of situations, though. My least favorite parts were probably the ones where you advance with your squad from door to door. I wonder if you even have to shoot anything in those -- would the AI mates just kill everything eventually? The tower defense game of marking targets wasn't particularly exciting either. And when you defend a ruined hut with your four man squad against like 100 guys... that was simply ridiculous.

The sniping parts reminded me of my favorite scene in The Hurt Locker, where they lay in the sun for ages picking off anyone coming out of the building. I don't know how such a drawn-out camping would work in a game and how much fun it would be, though. But MoH sure doesn't try to be too realistic with it. Even though there's a delay before your shot lands on the distant target, it always hits exactly where you pointed at.

The single-player campaign didn't make me want to play the multiplayer, which is actually a separate download on Steam, probably due to running on a different engine. Though I likely wouldn't have played it anyway; not enough sword and sorcery in the game.

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