Monday, January 7, 2013

Top 1 Movie of 2012

I don't know what I had with movies last year, but way too often during one I was just waiting for it to end. There was one exceptional exception, although I might have given it the fourth star partly because there were so few movies I found entertaining.

The Avengers ****

The Avengers I found very immersive. Fun and action delivered by entertaining acting and swell directing (and co-writing) by Joss Whedon. Mark Ruffalo was easily the best Hulk I've yet seen in a movie and Robert Downey Jr. was again great in his Ironman role.

I thought the theme tune by Alan Silvestri wasn't very memorable until I caught myself humming it on my way home.


Prometheus was my biggest disappoitment. It could've been something but just rolled downhill the whole of its duration. Noomi Rapace was the only good thing in it. The movie was so predictable and had nothing new and exciting in it.

Wrath of the Titans was boring, as was The Expendables 2. I think Underworld: Awakening was entertaining enough, though I can hardly remember anything of it. The Cabin in the Woods was nice as well. Its writing was quite Whedonish indeed and reminded me of his Angel tv series.

Snow White and the Huntsman was way worse than its trailer made me to believe. Kristen Stewart really bugged me in it, even though she didn't never bothered me as much in the Twilight movies. Also, the scenery was very uninspired; gray and brown mud and stone everywhere.

The only point of interest in The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey was its doubled frame rate compared to other movies. I'm not sure if the 48 fps was good or bad for the movie. Made stuff look more lifelike certainly. Otherwise I found the movie rather dull. Midde-Earth was better before the anti-shoe halflings came I long, I feel. I found it pretty disruptive how well the troll and the goblin king spoke English*. Made them seem way too intelligent, in my opinion.


From the list of upcoming titles this year, I'd pick out:

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters seems cool and also has pretty cool lead actor (Jeremy Renner).

Oz: The Great And Powerful looks like it might be akin to Alice in Wonderland.

Iron Man 3 is coming. Is it any good remains to be seen.

Fast and Furious 6 is likely to provide some entertainment.

I hope I like Kick-Ass 2 as much as I did the first one.

The third Riddick movie seems to be finally arriving in September.

And a whole lot of other movies but I don't feel like finding out what they're about just yet.

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